Listed below are websites to several non-approved private schools in New York State. They vary greatly with regard to the needs of the students they serve. Some schools cater to students who are gifted while others only serve students with multiple special needs. While some schools specialize in serving students with a particular disability such as autism or dyslexia, others serve students with a wide range of special needs. They also vary widely with regard to the age range and grade levels that they serve.

Adelphi Academy

Bay Ridge Preparatory School

Beekman Tutoring School

Birch Wathen Lenox School

Clarke - School for the Deaf - Center for Oral Education

Cooke Center for Learning & Development

Forum School (in New Jersey)

Mary McDowell Center for Learning

McCarton School

Pathways School

Rebecca School

Robert Louis Stevenson School

Seton Foundation for Learning

Smith School

Sterling School

Stephen Gaynor School

Studio School

West End Day School

Winston Preparatory School

Windward School

York Prep

The list of websites offered on this page is for informational purposes only. The Law Offices of Meredith I. Madon does not endorse or sponsor any of these schools or websites and does not accept responsibility for the contents of the websites.

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