An IEP team is comprised of Department of Education (DOE) employees who, in consultation with the parent, are charged with formulating a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). According to the New York State Code of Rules and Regulations, the IEP team shall consist of:

  • the parent[s] of the student; *
  • not less than one of the student's regular education teachers if the student participates in a regular education environment;
  • not less than one of the student's special education teachers or, if appropriate, not less than one special education provider of the student;
  • a representative of the school district who is qualified to provide, administer or supervise special education and who is knowledgeable about the the school district's general education curriculum and availability of resources;
  • a school psychologist, whenever a new psychological evaluation is reviewed or whenever a more restrictive environment is considered;
  • an individual who can interpret the instructional implications of evaluation results;
  • such other persons having knowledge or special expertise regarding the student, including related services personnel, as the committee or the parent shall designate;
  • and the student, if appropriate.
 *  Unless the DOE can demonstrate that it was unable to secure parent involvement
after appropriate notice.

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